Here you will see the projects that organized, and is planning to build in the near future:


2022: covid still causes disruptions, but a flexible and hybrid guitar program contributes to the continuity of the Trinity training and guitar ensemble workshop.

2020-2021: due to covid new forms of guitar ensemble playing have been developed and presented in video productions. Music defenitely enriched lock-down life considerably. The Little Prince Suite was one of the projects that boosted moral, with its reading preparations and educational content.

2017: hommage to Štěpán Rak educational event.

2016: Parkpop, with the participation of the Guitar@Work pupils guitar ensemble.

2013-2016: Cold case, two VOC-ships lost in front of the Mexican Pacific coast? Travelling performance based on archives research and music from the 18th century.

2012: Music from the Far and Near, an educational music event organized by the Mexican Embassy and

2008: Llorona event in the Mexican Embassy, with the participation of The Shakerboys coctail bar.

2008: C2C cultural event, organized by the Mexican Embassy,, Hans Jansen Maneschijn and Noordkaap. With works of Faustino Peñaloza, Jeff Blanco, Ariadna de la Garza, and others.

2007: Dia de los Muertos in the Mexican Embassy, with among others work of Faustino Peñaloza (Tzompantli)

2007: Día de mexicanistas XIII, organized by the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Mexican Embassy and Bridges of Identity, an architectural theme.

Cultural forum for music and events